May 15 Express Entry draw

On May 15, the Canadian government issued an invitation to 500 Federal Skilled Trades Class applicants to submit their application for Canadian permanent residence. The lowest score for applicants in the comprehensive ranking system was 332. From September 24, 2018, this is the first time an invitation is issued to applicants for the Federal Skilled

The Canadian government issued an invitation to 3350 immigration applicants through Express E-mail on May 1, 2012 to enable them to apply for permanent residence. The quid pro quo rating of this admission was 450, which compared with the last admission on April 17, suggests a one-point reduction. Since February this year, this is the

Express Entry draw April 17th, 2019

The most recent Canadian Express Entry reception was held on April 17, during which 3350 applicants were invited to submit an application for provincial nomination and then to receive permanent residence. It should be noted that the minimum rating of this admission was 454. With this in mind, the Canadian government has issued an invitation

Two weeks after Canada’s latest admission, and now in the most recent news that Visa Canada has received, Canada issued an invitation to apply for a permanent residence for 3,350 applicants in Express Online on April 3. The good news is that in this admission, the minimum score for the previous admission has dropped to