latest Express Entry draw October 15

The Canadian government issued a request for 3900 ITA Express Candidates or an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence in Canada ‘s most recent reception today, Monday, October 15, 2018 . The minimum rating for this admission was 440, which has been the lowest ever this year. It should be noted that today’s minimum

News shows that the Canadian government has invited a total of 3,500 candidates to apply for Canadian permanent residence in the September 20, 2018 Express E-Commerce Express Expatriate. The minimum score of the comprehensive ranking system for this admission was 441. The date and time of the tie-break This admission was September 6, 2018 at

440 in latest Express Entry draw

August 22, a total of 3750 invitations were issued and those who received them could apply for a permanent resident of Canada . The minimum score of a comprehensive ranking system in this drawee was 440. This is the third in the year 2018, with a min score of 440; 440 lowest points in 2018.

New Express Entry August 2018

An invitation to apply for a Canadian permanent residence was issued for the 3750 candidates who rated them in the Comprehensive Rating System (CRS) of 440 during the new August 8, 2018 campaign. This is the second time this year, with Canadian Immigration, Citizenship and Asylum Minimize the total score of a comprehensive rating system